Egg Thinks He’s Got ‘Em All Fooled!

by Eric Melin on January 25, 2012

in Columns,The Chicken and The Egg

Our bi-weekly movie-reference-happy comic strip here on Scene-Stealers is back. Each week his characters recreate a famous scene from a familiar film. See if you can guess this one…

Here’s strip number 23 of the original comic The Chicken and the Egg. The artist is Ben Townsend and he lives in the Southampton, U.K.

Click on the strip for a larger image!

Contact the cartoonist:

Click here for all of the Chicken and the Egg strips so far.

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1 Trey Hock January 25, 2012 at 10:01 am

Oh wow. This could be my favorite so far. Loves me some Milos Forman.

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