The 10 Best Horror Movies of 2021

Horror movies have been a popular genre since the late 20th century. The best horror movies can be found in many different places, but for this blog post, we will focus on 10 of the best horror films from 2021. These are some of the most anticipated and well-received films that will soon grace theaters across America. We hope you enjoy it!

1) Jakob’s Wife

This 2021 horror movie was directed by Travis Stevens and stars Barbara Crampton, Larry Fessenden, Bonnie Aarons. The movie was released digitally in April 2021.

Sharing a new sense of power and appetite to explore life, Anne discovers that she has found “The Master” when meeting him. But the life she once knew is calling her back home, with her husband Jacob by her side. The true horror of marriage will become apparent when Jakob’s wife starts to kill people around him. A lot of blood & gore can be expected in this flick.

The movie also stars WWE wrestler turned actor C.M. Punk and is directed by Travis Stevens. It was released digitally on April 2021 to mixed reviews with an 85% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, but a 63% audience score. The release date for the DVD/Blu-Ray version has not been announced yet or if it will be coming out on any other media format anytime soon after that time.

2) Halloween Kills

It’s time to get spooky! The American slasher movie, Halloween Kills is set for release this October and it won’t disappoint. Directed by David Gordon Green with a screenplay from Danny McBride (Vice Principals) and Scott Teems, the film promises more thrills than you can handle come October 15th when it’s released in theaters everywhere.

A sequel is also planned for 2022 so you can be assured that the franchise isn’t going anywhere! Reports have come out that both movies will be shot back to back.

The film is a sequel to 2018’s Halloween (which was the 11th installment in the franchise) as well as being one of many sequels to John Carpenter’s 1978 original movie. Hopefully, this will be just what we need after that terrible reboot from two years ago!

3) Candyman

This upcoming slasher film is a sequel to the 1992 flick of the same name. The movie stars Yahya Abdul-Mateen II who plays Anthony McCoy.

Cabrini Green was notorious for being the site of several grisly murders. Residents believed all traces of violent acts were a result of summoning a supernatural killer with one hand and five fingers long, simply seen in a mirror. Ten years after the last of Cabrini Towers were demolished, visual artist Anthony McCoy and his girlfriend, Brianna Cartwright- a gallery director, both reside in luxury condo units within Cabrini.

Anthony’s painting career is at a standstill, but he learns the truth behind the Candyman through a chance encounter with an older Cabrini Green resident. Uneasy with the prospect of entering the Chicago art world, Anthony is drawn to these horrific details. In his studio, he begins to explore macabre subjects and soon finds himself unwittingly uncovering a tangled past that will forever change not only him but everyone around him.

4) Things Heard & Seen

This 2021 movie is about a woman who moves to the Hudson Valley, where she discovers that her marriage may have a sinister evil. Directed by Shar Springer Berman & Robert Pulcini it stars Amanda Seyfried & James Norton in the lead.

The Hudson River School, which is renowned for its landscape paintings, features several scenes. The movie can be found on Netflix where it was released digitally on April 29th.

5) The Woman In The Window

This is a psychological thriller about an agoraphobic woman who sees something she shouldn’t have from her window and soon finds herself in way over her head.

The film is based on the 2018 novel by A.J Finn. The movie stars Amy Adams, Julianne Moore, Anthony Mackie, and Gary Oldman.

It was originally scheduled to release in theatres but it was postponed due to Covid & rights were instead given to Netflix. Netflix released the film digitally on May 14th, 2021.

Those who are a fan of psychological thrillers will love to watch this movie. With a star-studded cast, some brilliant performances can be expected from them. And when was the last time Julianne Moore & Amy Adams did a horror movie? We certainly don’t remember.

6) Don’t Breathe 2

This is the controversial sequel of the 2016 movie ‘Don’t Breathe’. The movie revolved around a blind man whose house gets invaded by a lot of thieves who think it will be easy cash for them. And why not a blind man is not supposed to pose any threat to their existence while they do their ‘job’.

But soon they get a taste of things when they realize the blind old man is not the regular blind man you see on the streets. With heightened hearing senses he more than makes up for being blind and makes the intruders pay quite brutally.

The sequel again has Stephen Lang in the lead which is a good thing as he nailed his performance last time around. The filming took place very secretly so any additional details at this point are not available. The film has a new director with Rodo Sayagues at the helm. The original director Fede Alvarez will be present in this movie in the capacity of a producer.

Those who have seen the original movie know how horrifying it was. Especially the plot which was quite different than what you see from your everyday horror flicks. Be rest assured that this too will pack a punch in satisfying the audience. The movie is scheduled to release on August 14th, 2021, and will be distributed by Sony Pictures.

7) Spiral: From The Book Of Saw

Another horror movie from the SAW universe, this mone will revolve around Detective Ezekiel Banks (played by Chris Rock).

Det. Zeke Banks (son of a detective) and his rookie partner are given the responsibility to work on solving a grisly murder mystery, and they find some clues that point back into history.

A history that was marred with blood & gore. As he goes deeper into the case Zeke realizes that he himself could be involved and targeted by the killer in a game that always ends in bloodshed.

Distributed by Lionsgate the movie came out on May 13th and the reviews were generally positive. Which by the way is quite hard to get for most horror movies. Other than Chris Rock & Max Minghella playing the two lead detectives the movie additionally stars Samuel L. Jackson, Marisol Nichols & Nazneen Contractor in supporting roles.

8) The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It

The most awaited horror movie of 2021, finally The Conjuring will be back for its third installment. Conjuring movies are always known for their quality horror and the same will be expected from its third installment.

The film again stars Vera Farmiga & Patrick Wilson as paranormal investigators. This time they will be working on a new case that involves a murderer who believes is possessed by a demon. This is in line with the previous films where an investigation takes place. However, this seems to be the basic premise of these films moving forward. We can expect plenty of jumpscares and twisted storylines to creep you out.

Since they don’t come out every year a lot of time is invested in making sure every Conjuring film retains the quality that the original one had. Both the first & second parts were critically acclaimed and we expect the same for the third.

The movie will release in June this year and will be available for streaming on HBO Max. So the audience will have plenty of options to watch on their preferred platform. This one though will see a shift in direction with Michael Chaves coming in as a replacement for James Wan. Wan though will be the producer for this one.

9) A Quiet Place 2

This horror film follows the miraculous survivors of a family torn apart by tragic events, who must now cope with living in silence and fighting unimaginable monsters. Retreating from the unknown, they were forced to venture into the unknown. They soon found that sound-oriented creatures were not the only threats out there.

This is a direct sequel to the critically acclaimed movie A Quiet Place (2018). The movie stars Emily Blunt in the lead with John Krasinski, Cillian Murphy & Noah Jupe. Directed by John Krasinski the movie is scheduled to release on the 28th of May. 45 days after the theatrical release the movie will be available for streaming on Paramount+.

10) The Forever Purge

The Purge ever since its first release has had an extensive fan following particularly because of its weird but straightforward plot. Touted to be the fifth & final part of the franchise this one would be no different.

The movie picks up from 2016’s ‘The Purge: Election Year’ and will talk about a Mexican couple who are stuck on a ranch in Texas while being on the run by a drug cartel. Soon they find themselves in the hands of the people there who want to run a Purge of their own and are willing to get blood on their hands. the blood of none other than the couple who are stranded.

Everardo Gout will be directing the movie with Ana De La Reguera & Tenoch Huerta in the lead. The release is scheduled for July 2nd by Universal Pictures.